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Beetroots are delicious, healthy, colourful, and versatile.

You've probably tried roasted beetroot — but have you explored the purple wonder veggie beyond this typical use?

It's great in savoury dishes like salads, soups and stews. It can be enjoyed raw, boiled, pickled, or baked. You can even use it in desserts like brownies and bliss balls!

Here are 4 of our favourite ways to use this root vegetable. You can't beet 'em.

Beetroot & cumin soup with chickpea flatbread

A luscious pink beetroot soup spiced with cumin and topped with candied walnuts, salty feta cheese and chilli. Served with a side of chickpea flatbread. This recipe is as colourful as it's delicious, and we can't get enough! Find the recipe here.

Princess beetroot bliss balls

These bliss balls boast an eye-catching colour, worthy of a princess (or a prince who loves pink!). They're also high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. The flavour is mild and kid-friendly, and the balls are free from nuts, refined sugar and wheat! View the recipe here.

Black rice beetroot risotto

Nutty black rice, cooked risotto-style with beetroot and sauteed cabbage. Topped with crunchy walnuts and nourishing green beans. An utterly wholesome, utterly unique, and utterly delicious dinner idea. Check out the recipe here.

Roast beef or lamb with rainbow veggies

Colourful roast veggies + slow-cooked roast = the perfect weekend dinner! Beetroots add earty flavours that perfectly complements the savoury beef or lamb roast — we guarantee your taste buds will be happy! Find the recipe here.
we believe
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