Better is for everyone! Our WA producers keep supplying amazing food. Stay safe and stay fed with us - deliveries are now contactless.

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4.9 out of 5 on Facebook
4.9 out of 5 on Google
Meaghan Green
Aug 2021 - Google
I've enjoyed your meals so much. I ordered my first box as I found out I had to cut my holiday short and go into 14 days quarantine. So simple to order and make and they look just like the recipe card ...More

Christine Hinsley
July 2021
We live busy lives and I don't have the time to run around to many places finding the best produce, ethical sourced pantry items and other goodies. I have used two other Perth based meal kit delivery ...More

Sharon Hansen
June 2021 - Facebook
This delivery service is absolutely amazing! We were looking for fresh, locally sourced produce and after a lot of research into the many meal delivery services, we chose Dinner Twist. I can honestly ...More

Pia Laubsch
June 2021 - Google
Amazing meal kits - I wish I wasn't moving interstate! I have had their Wholesome box twice now and loved every recipe, portions are well sized and healthy. Plus it's so great how much you can tell th ...More

Leanne Scott
May 2021 - Facebook
Moving to plant based eating has been made easy and less daunting with the Dinner Twist boxes. I love their values - minimal packaging, WA sourced fresh food, yummy recipes and super easy to cook! Hi ...More

Clare Nina
May 2021 - Facebook
Absolutely love Dinner Twist and can't recommend them enough. I'm learning so much, eating wonderful food, and it takes away some of the stress of meal planning for the family.

May 2021 - Google
Best thing to happen to Perth to date. I have tried so many other meal companies but have never really enjoyed the meals or quality of produce. Dinner Twist is amazing and the only meal delivery compa ...More

Caitlin Tischhauser
May 2021 - Facebook
We changed over from one of the other food delivery companies a few months ago, and I am beyond impressed. Your produce is fresh, there is minimal packaging, and the meats are ethically sourced. So gl ...More

Kathryn Hallifax
Apr 2021 - Google
We love Dinner Twist! Healthy and fresh and they are brilliant at resolving any problems.

Trieu Nguyen
Mar 2021 - Google
Had the opportunity to grab a family dinner box in January to start 2021 off on a healthy footing. The major vegetable component in every meal was what I loved the most, that and the great flavouring ...More

Vanessa May
Feb 2021 - Facebook
Love this service so much. The food is so easy to make and tastes so good. Always hated grocery shopping and looking up recipes that actually taste good so this has solved all my problems. I've gone w ...More

Adam Clune
Jan 2021 - Google
Amazing fresh tasty meals. It's all real food and doesn't come with 150 plastic packets and tubs. The web interface is clear and easy to use and the marketplace option is really helpful. Highly recomm ...More

Vicki Ackermans
Jan 2021 - Facebook
They always have excellent customer service. The most recent example is when my delivery went AWOL, most likely stolen; they had a spare from a cancelled order so delivered a replacement free of charg ...More

BrĂ­d Conlon
Jan 2021 - Facebook
Loving our plant based meals, we have used a few different companies and this one is by far the best. Thank you. Great food.

River Ju
Jan 2021 - Facebook
Loving our DT food boxes. We ask for gluten free, pork free. I also don't eat dairy so all the meals I personally switch any dairy for mayo or similar, hubby enjoys the extra dairy portion. super easy ...More

Dan Rumble
Nov 2020 - Facebook
Great fresh local food and terrific customer service especially Jordan, good job guys.

Vicki DeeSparticus Ball
Oct 2021 - Facebook
Swapped over to DT from HelloFresh and I am absolutely over the moon! The food is fresher, the dishes are easier and so much tastier and best of all... it's cheaper! We've just cooked our first meal a ...More

Victoria Putter
Sep 2020 - Facebook
Great food and I love the fact they deliver to my small regional town! The veggies and fruit stay fresh for so long! Highly recommend Dinner Twist.

Toni Keown
Aug 2020 - Facebook
I have started getting the express box fortnightly, and YUM. I look forward to it every fortnight. I no longer have to go to the supermarket or try to think of what to cook. Thank goodness you deliver ...More

Glen Maroney
Sep 2020 - Google
I was a customer a few years ago but stopped when life got too busy. In the interim I've tried a few competitors and nothing comes close. Since I rejoined, I'm loving the options and the Marketplace p ...More

Erin Moore
Aug 2020 - Google
I've been using Dinner Twist for two months and I've been loving it. I get the plant based box every fortnight and the recipes are easy to cook and really tasty; even recipes that I think might not be ...More

Jo Flynn
May 2020 - Facebook
Loved that the delivery drivers are friendly, the meat is sustainably sourced and when you open the boxes you feel the healthy positive energy. The recipes are written so they are easy to follow. I a ...More

Leah Wilson
May 2020 - Facebook
5 star service, highly recommend!! Last week I enjoyed my first plant based box - 4 meals for 4 people. Great quality produce, quick, easy and delish meals + recyclable/reusable packaging. The team ha ...More

Patricia Rutherford
Apr 2020 - Facebook
I am a very picky eater and love that Dinner Twist is helping me mature my taste buds in exciting and non scary recipes. Great to find a company that fully caters to sensitive stomachs with a such a w ...More