How does Dinner Twist work?

We believe in making time for the things we love. Let us do the running around for you.

We help take the worry out of "what's for dinner" and eliminate your weeknight grocery shopping and meal planning.

Not only are you supporting local farmers and suppliers and reducing waste, you are also eating fresh, wholefoods and creating wonderful habits while learning new things in the kitchen.

Step 1. Pick your delicious box here
Step 2. Let us deliver you fresh ingredients and step by step recipe cards to make tasty weeknight dinners.
Step 3. Decide what to cook first. {The hardest part!}

Are you WA based?

We are 100% Western Australian family owned and operated and work with WA suppliers and farmers.

Located in Canning Vale we are a small team who love making a difference to the way people enjoy food.

You can read more about who we are over at our family page.

What box is best for my Household?

We have 4 delicious boxes to choose from to suit all different types of households and families.

Please feel free to swap your box based on the weekly menus (just remember to update your order the Wednesday before).

Our Express Box is designed for busy families, households with younger children who are looking to whip something up fast or those after a 3 meal option.

With less chop and prep and cleverly designed cooking shortcuts, you will have a delicious dinner on the table in 20 mins.

This box feeds either 2 or 4 people with 3 meals per week and can be upsized to include extra protein. It has a fish free menu and we offer pork, lamb and beef free options, as well as our Gingin grass fed and finished premium beef upgrade.

Our famous Family Box includes 4 delicious, balanced meals with a little twist on the family favourites we all know and love.

This box caters for even the fussiest of eaters and is on the table in 25-35 mins.

It is available for 2 or 4 people, with 4 meals per week and can be upsized to include extra protein. We offer pork, lamb, beef or fish free options, as well as our Gingin grass fed and finished premium beef upgrade and is available with a gluten free option.

Our Wholesome Box is a delicious box full of wholefoods and packed with nutrition. With fewer refined carbs, naturally gluten-free* and high in fibre, this box is for families who are after the next step in their nutrition journey.

This box is available for 2 or 4 people, with 4 meals per week and can be upsized to include extra protein. We offer pork, lamb, beef or fish free options, as well as an upgrade to Gingin Grass fed and finished premium beef.

And our very own Plant-Based Box! If you are looking to discover new flavours and delicious ways of cooking yummy, healthy balanced vegan meals that are naturally gluten-free*, this box is a must for you!

*We provide ingredients that are gluten free, however we pack our boxes in an environment that may contain traces of gluten. If you have an allergy or medical condition, this may not be the best option for you.

Do you have boxes for 1 person?

We currently do not have a box with portions for 1 person only, but we have plenty of customers who come to us looking for this option.

We recommend starting with the Express box for 2 people. With 3 meals in this yummy box, you are able to stretch them out over the week, freeze the extra portions or even halve the box with a friend or family member or cook enough for lunch/dinner the next day! We also offer single meals in our Marketplace (these are sent out with a regular box delivery, which offers you more options to fit your needs and schedule). #winning

Am I locked in? What are my options?

You are not locked in (...and never will be!)

We have a variety of options for your Dinner Twist orders.

You can select weekly or fortnightly deliveries, this way your delicious Dinner Twist box will show up on cue without any hassle or follow up. You can easily swap your box or preferences, skip as many weeks as you need or put a hold on your deliveries using your online profile on the Dinner Twist website at anytime*

We also offer an On-Demand service, you can opt into this service by selecting on demand when you hold your deliveries. And, while we hope you choose to stay with us, we understand we might not be perfect for everyone so if we still haven't won you over, you can delete your account if you wish.

*Just make sure to make any changes by Wednesday midnight prior to delivery, or we may require a $15 late change fee.

Where do we deliver and when?

The Dinner Twist delivery area is always expanding and currently we service homes from Albany all the way to Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and out to the Perth Hills!

Delivery days:

Monday afternoon: north of the Swan River, up to and including Quinns Rocks.

Tuesday afternoon: south of the Swan river down to and including Mandurah and regional orders.

Delivery is free for Perth and surrounds. A small delivery fee applies to regional areas. You are also welcome to pick up your box from either our Fremantle or Canning Vale depots on Monday afternoons.

How do I pay?

When ordering your first box delivery on the Dinner Twist website, you enter your credit card details at the final stage of the order process.

Payments are processed weekly and all your orders are combined into one transaction. Payment is charged Thursday midnight (early Friday morning) the WEEK BEFORE your Dinner Twist box delivery is due.

If your payment fails, you will receive an SMS on Friday with the option to update your card details or recharge your credit card. You will need to contact us if you wish to cancel your box order for that week, or the Marketplace order for the Friday*.

*Please note: cancellations after Wednesday midnight may incur a late cancellation fee.

Do you provide the calories/nutritional information for each meal?

We provide a breakdown of macronutrients on our Wholesome and Plant-Based recipe cards.

We do not provide calorie intake with Dinner Twist recipes as we like to encourage a holistic, balanced approach to your diet (and this way we have more time to concentrate on new yummy recipes for you to enjoy!)

All our recipes include aspects to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

We suggest looking into mobile apps where you can weigh and enter what you are cooking, providing you with any extra information you may need.

Can you freeze the meat, fish and poultry that comes in your boxes?


All our meat, fish and poultry is prepared and packed the morning of your delivery, it doesn't get fresher than that!

(Our bread/rolls are also baked the morning of delivery, so we recommend also freezing if you don't plan on enjoying in the first couple of days).

Is our produce organic?

As much as we would love to be able to supply all organic, due to the large number of orders we fill and quantities we need, unfortunately supply isn't always reliably available for us.

Working with local conscious and ethical suppliers is very important to us and all of our fresh produce comes from local, passionate farmers across WA.

We don't use preservatives or MSG in our boxes, we use organic where we can, and always choose free range and pastured.

Can I choose which meals I get or swap out produce?

At Dinner Twist, we believe in no food waste!

When planning our menus we eliminate waste by incorporating all of your fresh ingredients across all your weekly meals, which means our meals are set.

Our passionate recipe team work hard on ensuring the meals are always exciting with plenty of variety each week.

Ingredients cannot be swapped out for others or left out of your box.

We are often thanked by customers who now try new ingredients and most agree they save money as you don't throw food away. You always have the option to swap to a different box until you find the best fit for your family, so keep an eye on the menus and change your box accordingly.

What about allergies and preferences?

We give you the option to switch any of the pork, lamb, beef and fish proteins included in your box for chicken. You can also choose a gluten friendly option. You can choose these preferences when you order your first box or change them at any time in your online profile on the Dinner Twist website.

For the gluten friendly option, we bring you Gluten free replacements for items such as bread and pasta (except for our Wholesome Box and Plant-Based Boxes, which are naturally gluten friendly).

At this stage we are unable to cater for certain allergies such as nut, eggs and dairy, but the good news is, you are able to omit these from any recipe which may include them.

Please note, we provide ingredients that are gluten free, however we pack our boxes in an environment that may contain traces of gluten. If you have an allergy or medical condition, this may not be the best option for you.

Why a pantry list?

We email you a pantry list the Thursday before your next delivery to give you time to stock up on the basics, this way we avoid sending you containers of oil, soy and dried spices every week as this can become wasteful and fills up your cupboard with plastic containers quickly! {and you now have a perfectly stocked pantry, ready to whip up your meals in no time!}

What's the Marketplace?

Our Marketplace is an online store to shop some of WA's most delicious fresh produce, single meal options, great weekend entertaining items, as well as always needed pantry staples! Currently, you must have a Dinner Twist box delivery scheduled in order to make a purchase from our Marketplace. You can add Marketplace products to your regular box order and you can also get them delivered separately every Friday*.

*Minimum $20 for free delivery on Friday orders. Friday Marketplace only deliveries are limited to subscribers in the Perth area with a box delivery the following week. Not in Perth? We are working hard on going regional soon so stay tuned!

What about the environment, how does Dinner Twist help reduce waste?

Behind the scenes, we go to enormous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on our environment.

You will notice no food waste at the end of the week, mostly loose items in your box and fewer trips to the supermarket (bye-bye fuel fumes!)

The box your fresh food comes in is reusable and has a life span of 10 or so deliveries. Your box liner is made from vegetables and is 100% Australian certified compostable. You can place any soft plastics that come in your box back into your reusable eskies and we will recycle them for you.

Once a box has been damaged or can no longer be used, we send it to a very special recycling plant here in Perth and it is broken down into teeny tiny granules and reused in various products such as stationary and planters!

If we have any food left over at DT HQ, we send it to Second Bite and Breast Cancer Care WA every week, supporting those who really need a warming meal.

Hows that for planet power?!

Do you have gift cards?

Why yes, yes we do!

Our gift cards are super popular for parents of a new baby (a great way to help new parents) house warming, engagement and as a wedding present. You can purchase a gift card for any occasion here.

What's with the late fee?

After Wednesday midnight prior to your delivery, we start shopping for your fresh food. To avoid food waste we order to the exact number of orders. If you cancel late, we will work hard to find a new home for your food.

To cover the administration and potential waste, we charge a small fee of $15.

The Dinner Twist timeline (just to wrap it up)

Before Wednesday midnight: place your order for the following week.

Thursday: Pantry list items are emailed to you (be sure to double check your junk folder as sometimes we can end up in there)

Thursday/Friday: customer accounts are debited.

Saturday: estimated delivery times are provided via SMS.

Mon/Tue/Wed: your delicious Dinner Twist box is delivered! (Depending on location)

You will receive an SMS from one of our friendly delivery drivers in case you aren't home.