Meal kits? How does this work?

Many would agree it's hard to find the time to keep weekday cooking interesting - for the cook as well as for the eaters! We bring you the freshest WA produce from quality suppliers and match it with easy to cook recipes! Using seasonal, local produce the menus change weekly and you can pick your style of food.

Am I locked in?

Not at all. Most pick the subscription option as it's convenient knowing the food will just turn up every week or fortnight. You can easily cancel your account online or pausing your deliveries. Just make sure to make any changes by Wednesday midnight prior to delivery, or we may require a $15 late change fee.

Where do we deliver?

Dinner Twist delivers across most of WA, from Albany to Port Hedland and everywhere in between. Delivery days: Monday afternoon north of the Swan river, up to and including Quinns Rocks. Tuesday afternoon south of the Swan river down to and including Mandurah. Wednesday we deliver to regional WA. Delivery is free for Perth and surrounds. A small delivery fee applies to regional areas.

What's with the late fee?

After Wednesday midnight prior to your delivery we start shopping for your box of food. To avoid food waste we order to the exact number of orders. If you cancel late, we will work hard find a new home for your food. To cover the administration and potential waste, we charge a small fee of $15.

Can I choose what meals I get?

We want to keep waste and prices low. When we plan our menus we make use of produce across the meals, driving your dollar further and minimising waste. We are often thanked by customers who now try new ingredients and most agree they save money as you don't throw food away.

What about allergies and preferences?

Boxes can be made pork, lamb or fish free as well as gluten friendly. We replace pork & lamb with suitable options and replace fish with chicken breast. For the gluten friendly option, we bring you GF replacements for items such as bread and pasta. Some products may contain traces of gluten so if you are intolerant this may not be the best option for you.

Why a pantry list?

Many of us have basics at home already so we avoid sending you containers of oil, soy and dried spices every week as this becomes wasteful and fills up your cupboard with plastic containers. You will soon find that your pantry is well equipped to cook up a storm after a few shops!

Is this sustainable?

Yes! We shop for thousands and thereby reduce the number of cars heading to the shops. But that's just where it starts. We work with suppliers who share our values and care for our planet. Fish is caught using sustainable methods, meat is free range or pasturised, we use degradable packaging and reuse our eskys over and over again. With meal kits you waste less plastic and waste less food. The little waste we do have is weekly sent to Food rescue supporting those who really need a warming meal. The little plastic you can recycle and the soft plastic you can leave in the esky and we recycle it for you!

I am a good cook – is this for me?

We think so! Even the best cooks can get stuck for inspiration in the kitchen. Plus, if you don't want to cook the suggested recipe, you can always whip up something else with the great ingredients we provide.

I am not a good cook – is this for me?

Our menu card has detailed, step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through the meal preparation. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our recipes and have designed them to suit all skill levels.

My kids are quite picky – is this for me?

Yes! We have received plenty of positive feedback from parents whose kids love the Dinner Twist meals. Some of our recipes even contain tips on how to make food more child-friendly. We would suggest starting off with the Family Box.

Is Dinner Twist economical?

Customers always tell us we save them money. You could do your weekly shop at a lower price but we have handpicked what we think are the best quality suppliers of fresh food in WA and Australia. We keep it local and we keep it fresh!

What about ethics?

We do the running around to farmers and quality producers. We test not only the product but their integrity too. A clean ingredients list, fair treatment of animals and pride in your product is important to us and we chose our suppliers accordingly. We check the back of the pack making sure you can plate your family a clean, healthy meal!