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Once upon a time...
after a trip home to Sweden in 2011, Chris and My came across a popular dinner concept that brought joy to those around them.

Armed with a desire to help people make positive eating choices while creating a healthy and sustainable future, Dinner Twist was born.

Located in Canning Vale, Dinner Twist are now at the forefront of bringing families in WA together for dinner, reducing environmental impacts, household use of plastics and food waste. We are so proud to be involved in community food drives, charities and events, and we support local, hardworking WA farmers and suppliers.
we believe
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We believe in our future
A future where the little people we are raising have the knowledge and respect for health, the food they eat and the earth around them. We not only want to help people change the way they look at food and enjoy dinner but how they spend time with family, friends and in the kitchen.
We believe in our PLANET
Everything we do at Dinner Twist is with the environment in mind, from sustainable fishing practices, to our recycling methods, supporting local family owned businesses {who not only share the same vision we do but also put it into practice} and everything in between, we know the importance of preserving the Earth for our future generations.
We believe in TRANSPARENCY
We mean this from the core of who we are. It is not some fancy trend we want to follow, we live and breathe sustainability and hope to challenge the way people view the health of not only themselves but our beautiful planet as well. You can read more about how we do things on our blog.
Thank you for being a part of our story, for being part of a positive change and for helping contribute to meaningful changes to the way we consume food. Over time we hope to improve even further the way we do things and cannot wait to share the journey with you.
With a glass half full approach to life, we wanted to create a safe space and culture that our people can look forward to come to each day. A place where passion and creativity can soar. We work hard to ensure we support family, community and the world around us and together/collectively are a team of fearless, tiresome, forward-thinking, innovative, down to earth, folk. (If we do say so ourselves) We are mothers, fathers, foodies and dog lovers. Come and meet the fam...
we believe
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