The Dinner Twist Service Terms of use

July 20, 2017

Thank you for stopping by to read Dinner Twist's Terms of Use (these "Terms"). These Terms are important and affect your legal rights, so please read them carefully. Dinner Twist is herein also referred to as us or we.

Dinner Twist is a delivery service of a pre-packed box or boxes of fresh groceries with matching recipes for three (3) or four (4) dinner meals, so called meal kits. When registering for Dinner Twist, you agree to join a subscription service and you sign up for our Dinner Twist service of weekly or fortnightly deliveries. By registering with Dinner Twist, you create a customer profile on our website. Your customer profile is your portal to manage your order preferences for all your future deliveries, and your personal information and delivery details.

Managing your subscription

You may pause or edit your order at any time, at no cost, if doing so by Wednesday midnight the week before your next scheduled delivery (the "Cut-off Time"). All cancellations or changes are to be completed by logging in online to your customer profile on our website.
If you are cancelling/pausing your delivery after the Cut-off Time you may incur a fifteen ($15) dollar Late Fee. Cancellations after the Cut-off Time can only be made by calling Dinner Twist directly on 1300 135 660. There are no hidden or additional delivery or payment fees associated with Dinner Twist. Selecting other than our normal payment options may attract a fee.

Any changes to your next scheduled delivery must be made before the Cut-off Time. If your changes are made after the Cut-off Time, the changes will take affect on your second scheduled delivery from the date of change. For single deliveries such as gifts or vouchers, you must place your order or cancel your delivery before the Cut-off Time. If you place your order after the Cut-off Time you will receive your box on the second next available delivery date. If you are cancelling your delivery after the Cut-off Time you may incur a fifteen ($15) dollar Late Fee. Cancellations after the Cut-off Time can only be made by calling Dinner Twist directly on 1300135660.

Personal Details

Your personal details are for our internal use only. Internal use includes use associated with our suppliers and logistical partners or other third parties taking part in production of our product. Dinner Twist will not sell or share your personal details to a third party not involved or associated in delivering our service to you. It is important you keep your personal details current. Any changes to your personal information such as updated email, phone number or delivery address must be updated in your customer profile in the website. If your changes are made after the Cut-off Time, the changes will take affect on your second scheduled delivery from the date of change, and Dinner Twist is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of expired or inaccurate personal information. If an order can not be fulfilled as result of inaccurate personal details, the box will still be billed at full price.


Dinner Twist service different geographical areas at different times and days. During your sign up process this is communicated to you as a user and you will receive emails and SMS stating your expected delivery time. Note that these times are estimates and may vary should we encounter unforeseen circumstances. When ordering Dinner Twist you acknowledge that your address and name may be shared with third party suppliers such as logistical partners, who will be part of bringing the Dinner Twist product to your nominated address.

By registering for the Dinner Twist service you accept that the product will be left at your property. We suggest that you nominate a safe place in the Delivery notes or the delivery driver will pick location to leave your order. If there is nobody home at the time of delivery, we will leave the box at your property. If you have provided us with your mobile phone number, we will then give you a call or send you a text to let you know your box has been delivered. Once your box has been delivered to your property, it becomes your responsibility and Dinner Twist accepts no liability for theft, weather damage or other loss or damage to your box. Dinner Twist reserves the right to include and exclude serviced suburbs in our delivery area without notice. Dinner Twist reserves the right to choose to not deliver our product to a certain area within a suburb or postcode, and to not deliver our product to a certain customer. Dinner Twist reserves the right to change delivery days or times. This may be required for logistical reasons, and all customers affected by such changes will be notified at least seven (7) days prior to the changes taking affect.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to deliver your box on the agreed day, we will contact you to agree on how to manage your delivery. Customers subscribing to Dinner Twist agree to delivery of the box on a certain day within a certain time, also accept there may be delays out of our control (such as traffic or weather) and your box may be delivered outside our scheduled delivery times. If your box is due for delivery on a public holiday, it will be delivered the next business day.

Quality & freshness

We take every precaution to keep our products fresh, of high quality and without damage. As a customer and consumer, it is your responsibility to examine and approve the quality of the products you receive. Meat and dairy products are supplied separately in a container with ice or cool packs. Dinner Twist continuously monitors our supply chain to ensure food is within the safe zone when delivered. It is the customers responsibility to verify the meat and dairy products are safely below 6Deg Celsius when unpacking your box. If you are uncertain of the freshness or temperature of your produce, contact Dinner Twist immediately for a refund and discard the product. Our supply chain is planned to your doorstep, once the order is left at your property we can no longer be held responsible for the temperature or quality of products supplied.
Use the ingredients list in your box to make sure all products are supplied and of satisfactory quality. Dinner Twist accepts no responsibility or liability for injuries or illnesses as a result of consuming food we have supplied. Our recipes are tested and carefully put together but you as the consumer and cook of the meals are responsible for cooking your food safely and appropriately. The recipe booklet is a guide only and supplied for inspiration or suggestion, and used voluntarily.
If your box is missing a required ingredient or it contains a product that is not of acceptable quality, or the ingredient is broken or damaged please email immediately. If we agree the product was supplied faulty on delivery Dinner Twist will process a refund for the value of the damaged or missing item. For single deliveries such as gifts or vouchers Dinner Twist will refund the person who paid for delivery of our product. The refunded value is to compensate our consumer for the affected product/ingredient.

Allergies and Food Intolerances/Aversions

Dinner Twist offers a Gluten Free, Pork Free, Lamb Free and Fish Free option to be added as an Extra when ordering the Family or Foodie box. Upon receiving your order, make sure to look for the sticker on your box stating your dietary preference (gluten free customers will have a sticker saying "gluten free). Discrete allergies or other food intolerances are not considered in the planning of our meals or when handling the produce and ingredients. Your Dinner Twist box may contain nuts or other foods that are considered individual allergens. When nuts are supplied they are portion packed but may still contaminate any other produce supplied. Dinner Twist consumers must check the ingredients list of each meal in each box's menu, as well as pre-made supplied products (such as jars or tinned products) to ensure all ingredients are suitable for your personal diet or situation. Any concerns regarding a discrete allergy and a particular product should be addressed directly with the manufacturer.

Every Dinner Twist customer must individually determine if the produce and recipes supplied in your Dinner Twist box are appropriate to consume in your personal situation.


When registering and ordering Dinner Twist, you agree to provide your payment details and you authorise Dinner Twist to charge your credit card to collect payment for your delivery. Payment for your Dinner Twist delivery will be charged to your credit card Thursday evening the week before your next scheduled delivery. If payment is unsuccessful and we do not receive communication from you, we will hold delivery of your box awaiting further instructions or pending payment.
Any outstanding debt(s) for payment to Dinner Twist will be pursued for debt recovery. We will issue a letter of demand in regards to our rights and to the outstanding payment(s). If we do not receive payment in full or a response from you within 14 days from the date of the written demand, we will commence a Minor Case Claim in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia against you, to recover the debt.

Dinner Twist rewards program

As a subscriber, you can collect rewards by sharing Dinner Twist with your friends. When using your phone number as a discount code or the supplied referral code, your friend can qualify for a discount and you may qualify for credit to use towards the payment of your box. Dinner Twist rewards credits are not transferable, can not be redeemed for cash and are annulled in full when unsubscribing. Dinner Twist reserve the right to terminate the rewards program at any time with no guarantee of honouring gained rewards.

Dinner Twist – Terms & Conditions Rev July 20, 2017