Abhi's Bread

Based in Fremantle, Abhi's has provided fresh and organic sourdough breads since the 90s

Established in South Fremantle, under the direction of owner Heinz Muller, a Swiss born baker, Abhi's has flourished.

Over the past 20 years their products have reached cult status amongst locals and are now available wholesale to Perth's top restaurants, cafes and grocery stores.

Genuine Bakers' yeast-free sourdough is still their core business, however they also provide a selection of organic, spelt, and gluten reduced breads, sweets and yummy French inspired pastries.

Great bread is important to Abhis, great service is vital and they fully understand the need for speedy, smiley and spectacular service. Some of our staff have been with them for over ten years and know the value of the loyal customer.

Some of their items available on the Marketplace:

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