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This holiday period, it’s business as usual for us - we’ll be delivering boxes and Marketplace items as normal each week through the 2019/20 holiday season. So whether you’re going away, have extra mouths to feed or you won’t be home much to cook, we’ve got plenty of options to keep your meal planning and cooking relaxed and stress-free.

A few tips:
  • Make all these changes at your profile. You will need to be logged in with your email address and password.
  • Any changes need to be made by a Wednesday midnight to come into effect the following week (e.g. for the week of Monday 16 December, this means changes must be made by Wednesday 11 December. For the week of Monday 23 December, this is by Wednesday 18 December).
  • Please note: a small delivery fee applies in regional areas.
  • If you have any queries or issues, we’re only a phone call away! We’re open all business days (excluding public holidays) - just give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 135 660.

Your holiday options

Going away locally

Going away locally?
Take your box with you
If you’re visiting family or friends elsewhere in WA, your Dinner Twist box can come along for the ride! We deliver in many regional areas including Margaret River, the Perth Hills and Albany. Simply check the postcode is in our delivery area, then in your profile edit your delivery address. (Don’t forget to scroll down and click UPDATE PROFILE to save changes, and change your address back when you get home.)


Need less food, or don’t want to cook much?
Switch to a fortnightly or Express box.
Switch to fortnightly: In your schedule, click the Weekly drop down arrow, change your selection to Fortnightly, choose the date to start, then click UPDATE PROFILE.
Switch to Express: Our Express Box contains meals for only 3 nights (instead of 4), and are ready in just 20 minutes. (Really!) In your profile click CHANGE BOX, select Express, then click OK.
Bonus tip: Save the ingredients for later! Put any meat, fish or chicken in the freezer. Store dry items like rice and nuts in your pantry. Use fresh produce for entertaining or snacking (think grazing platters with carrot sticks and apple slices).

Skip a week

Going interstate or overseas?
Skip a week (or two), or surprise a friend with your box.
Going away for an extended period? No problem.
Skip a week: You can skip as many weeks as you like. In your schedule, click the calendar week you want to skip, click SKIP THIS WEEK then SUBMIT.
Deliver elsewhere: Alternatively, spread some Christmas cheer by getting your box delivered to a family member of friend who’s sticking around town! Check their postcode is in our delivery area, then in your profile edit the delivery address to theirs. (Don’t forget to scroll down and click UPDATE PROFILE to save changes, and change it back to your own address when you get home.)


Have extra kids or visitors to feed?
Double your serves, get a protein upsize or order an extra box.
Going away for an extended period? No problem.
Double your serves: If you usually get meals for 2 people, order for 4 instead. In your profile click CHANGE BOX, click the drop-down arrow for your box and select 4 serves instead.
Double your protein: In our Marketplace, scroll to or search for Protein Upsize, choose between Every delivery or Next delivery (one-off), click ADD and then UPDATE.
Order a second box: To feed 6 or 8 people, simply order another box that week. In your profile click ADD ANOTHER BOX, select the type and number of serves, and click OK.
Bonus tip: Browse through our Marketplace to help stock your fridge and pantry! We have everything you’ll need to skip the supermarket, stock up for unexpected guests, avoid the temptation and cost of takeaway, and find new and interesting local products.
we believe
in local VIEW BOXES