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Cooking at its best

Remember when you used to have time to enjoy cooking?
Our recipes are quick and easy to follow, using local, seasonal ingredients.
We only deliver the quantities you need, so no food goes to waste.
How it works
Create a profile and choose from the range of local, delicious, healthy options on offer either with our meal kits or the huge range of products in the Marketplace.
We work with passionate, top quality suppliers to bring you the freshest produce. We know you are picky about your food and so are we!
Our meal kits require only basic cooking skills and the Marketplace has even easier locally made, delicious, healthy ready-to-eat meals too!

Fast & Family Friendly

Our super quick, super delicious Fast & Family Friendly meals are designed for those who want to whip something up fast! With less chop and prep and cleverly designed cooking shortcuts, you will have dinner on the table in just 20 mins! Our Fast & Family Friendly meals feed 2 or 4 people with 3, 4 or 5 meals per week and some meals can be upsized to include extra protein. Naturally gluten-free or available with a gluten-free option.

It's delivered
to your door
No need to be home. We send you a text with the estimated arrival time and when your box is delivered. Always packed on ice for freshness!
Food Boxes Delivered to Your Door Food Boxes Delivered to Your Door Food Boxes Delivered to Your Door Us! You!

Order items from our online store too

As well as our meal kits, you can buy loads of great quality items sourced from local suppliers in our Marketplace - add pantry essentials, extra meals, yummy snacks and desserts or buy them as an extra treat!
Our Meal Kit recipes are
easy to follow
If you choose our meal kit option, Dinner Twist makes cooking fun and easy. We'll provide you with all the ingredients you need plus easy to follow step-by-step recipe cards to make delicious meals.

Changes Weekly

Our recipe team create and try new meals every week for you to enjoy simple weeknight dinners. The `What's for dinner` conversation is long-gone with our delicious recipes.

Something for Everyone

Our Family Box uses classic ingredients while the Wholesome Box challenges the palate with new experiences. The Plant-Based Box is vibrant and keeps you inspired.

Seasonal Produce

We source local, seasonal produce from suppliers and farmers who share our passion for quality. Cooking with the seasons brings variety and helps the environment.

Make it Yours

Make your box pork, lamb or fish free as well as gluten friendly. We replace pork & lamb with suitable options and fish with chicken breast. For the gluten friendly option, some products may contain traces of gluten.

Pantry List

On Wednesdays we send you an email with the basics you need at home for the cooking to come. We avoid sending you containers of basics like oil or dried spices as this becomes wasteful.

You are in Control

Manage your box type, preferences, delivery dates and personal details via your account. We’ve made it super easy for you to take charge of your dinner delivery!
Ditch the diet
Just eat better food
We'll provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make delicious quick healthy meals.