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We had a chat with Dr Andrea Huddleston from the Wellness Women Radio and Wellness Studio in Fremantle and Michael Humphreys from Box 33 in Myaree. These two fabulous health professionals visited Dinner Twist headquarters so talk to us about all things health and wellbeing and explain why they love Dinner Twist!

Dr Andrea Huddleston - Wellness Women Radio & Wellness Studio

I’m Dr Andrea Huddleston, Integrative Chiropractor with a special interest in women's health and natural fertility practicing in Fremantle. I’m co-founder of The Wellness Women and Wellness Women Radio, an award winning, top-rated women’s health podcast. I’m also an avid beach goer, puppy enthusiast, coffee lover and self-proclaimed foodie (that can’t cook!). I can’t cook, I’m a terrible cook and I wholeheartedly maintain that the only successful thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen is a mess! That was until we found Dinner Twist and I can now trick my husband into thinking that I’m a budding chef (almost!).

My life is pretty busy (that’s an understatement) and serving perfectly balanced, nutritious meals each day that are made from scratch becomes pretty difficult. I would never compromise on the quality of ingredients so I would tend to eat the exact same thing over and over, simply for convenience. However, our gut microbiota, the trillions of symbiotic bugs that reside inside all of us and dictate so much of our health and well-being, thrive on diversity. This meant that the effort it would take to plan meals that fulfilled all of my nutritional requirements, had enough diversity for optimal gut health and didn’t take long to prepare was starting to seem like a full time job! Dinner Twist has helped me to take all of the guesswork out of meal planning. I love that each of the recipes are balanced with excellent quality clean protein, healthy fats and good choice carbohydrates as well as plenty of fibre – exactly what every meal should be made of. The recipes are also absolutely delicious and simple enough that even I can make them!

The other reason I am such a huge fan of Dinner Twist is that it’s a local, family run and owned business with the BEST ethos. They only buy local produce, support our local farmers and industry and buy seasonally. All of this care and effort goes into each box that is then delivered to my door; it really is the easiest and most convenient way to maintain a healthy, wholefoods lifestyle!


Michael Humphreys - Box 33

Hi my names Michael Humphreys, I’m a movement coach and part owner of Box33 in Myaree. I am passionate about health and fitness not only on a personal level but for my clients aswell. I also feel strongly about shopping locally, eating real food and sustainable food. Dinner twist ticks all these boxes and more. The food is of how quality, locally and seasonally sourced, minimal packaging and always taste great. It’s important for us to eat as much real food that is of good quality as possible. Dinner twist makes that easy, delivery to the door takes the guess work out of it. No shop visits or if there is it’s a quick 10 minute dash after work. This helps keep the bad stuff out of the trolley and gives me more time at home.


we believe
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