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Even if you can’t travel the world in person right now, you can still explore new horizons at home through exotic cooking.

Each culture and country is known for specific spices, ingredients and recipes that come together to create unique flavours, colours, textures, and dishes.

That means you don't even need to pack a suitcase, read up on travel visas, or book time off from work — all you need is fresh ingredients, a Dinner Twist recipe, and less than 40 minutes in your kitchen!

Here are 7 of our popular recipes from around the world.

Monday: American Hamburgers

Juicy beef burgers and soft milk buns are the stars of these American-style burgers that also features bread & butter pickles, tomato, beetroot and rocket.

Tuesday: Indonesian Fried Rice

Stop by Indonesia with this easy yet tasty recipe for fried rice, or nasi goreng. It's served with crunchy veggies, bacon, and a fried egg for a satisfying soft-yolk finish.

Wednesday: Italian Cheesy Gnocchi Bake

Mama mia, have you tried this cheesy gnocchi bake yet? Authentic and so tasty that any Nonna will be impressed! Made with fennel, tomato, and lots of fresh basil for that unmistakable Italian aroma.

Thursday: Mexican Chicken Wraps

Turn up the fiesta music, put on some festive sombreros, and enjoy these homemade chicken wraps for a Mexican-style night at home! Served with corn cobs, free-range chicken, avocado and lime crema. Arriba!

Friday: Caribbean Pork

Pan-fried Caribbean pork with rice and fresh veg — simple and tasty! This veggie side is made with radish, nectarine, and lots of love.

Saturday: Indian Chickpea Curry

Creamy curry with coconut milk, sweet potato, chickpeas and spinach. Mild heat but lots of flavour — in other words, a vegetarian family favourite. It beats takeaway!

Sunday: Australian Sausage Sizzle

Let's finish off a long week of kitchen travels at home in Australia with a classic sausage sizzle! Crunchy coleslaw, caramelised brown onion, tomato, cheese, quality beef sausage and a roll — can't go wrong with that!
we believe
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