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THE TISTRAND’S - Directors

This year we will be celebrating Christmas with our fellow swedes (friends, no family unfortunately), enjoying an array of delicious Swedish food and other traditions on Christmas Eve. After Christmas, we have family friends coming over to stay with us, so fingers crossed our kitchen renovations will be all done!! We will be taking them southwest to Yallingup and surrounds to show them the very best of the west! During this time of the year we also enjoy our quality family time together, enjoy every minute we have with one another. As we move into 2019, one resolution we have is to work on establishing a set-in-stone morning routine to help us become (even) more efficient and balanced!

SHELBY (left) & KRYSTAL (right) - Communications & social media

This year, my sister is finally back home after living in Canada for some time, so we have the whole family back together, yippee! My Christmas day starts off with a trip to the beach with my partner, Stefan, and his family, enjoying the beautiful Perth weather. After this, I will be heading to my sisters home for a big lunch with my parents and grandparents (and our newest family member, Ollie - the cutest little pup in the world!) where we open presents and I will eat myself into a food coma by 2pm. Once I have rested and recovered I then make my way over to Stefans family's house for a BIG Italian Christmas dinner. I’m talking 30+ people with with all the food you can possibly think of. Safe to say as I hop into bed Christmas night, I am feeling as though I never want to look at a leg of ham again (until next year of course)! But hey, that’s what Christmas is all about! From here onwards, the rest of 2018 will be all about spending time with family and friends, attending social events and getting myself ready for what 2019 will bring! My new year’s resolution is to work hard and smash out my first year of Masters at uni and take a trip to Europe with Stefan!


Being from Sydney (and rather unsound weather) Perth summer/Christmas for me is all about beach, friends, family, food, fitness, champagne and sun!! Christmas Eve is a tradition with my boyfriend, looking at Christmas lights then home to a glass of red wine, cheese, our puppy Mr Bam and a Christmas movie classic - Die Hard. Christmas day begins with a dip in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, lunch with Ryan's family and a small intimate Christmas dinner at our home. {hello, seafood!} I will be taking a week off to recharge the batteries {with vitamin D mostly} to come back refreshed for all your 2019 Dinner Twist social media adventures. My NY resolution is to call my mum more!!

GORGEOUS GAZ - Fresh Food Ninja:

Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve with our annual street party with our neighbourhood, where the two cul de sacs come together for some fun in the streets! Christmas Day is a pretty casual one for us, but this year we have a new addition to the family with the birth of my granddaughter! I also recently received a lovely surprise with my other daughter returning from the UK for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year! We will be enjoying a Christmas lunch with our neighbours and family members, and will then head to my nephews house in the evening for more family time! As for boxing day, I will be sitting back with a beer and enjoying the cricket!

PHILANA (left) & GAIL (right) - Recipe Team

Christmas Eve will entail a whole lot of TLC for my ham, preparing it for the next day with a delicious glaze! For dinner, my husband, Paul, and I will head to a family friends house for an amazing Salvadoran feast! Christmas morning begins with a walk along the beach with my favourite man of the house (don’t tell Paul), Hershel, our chocolate labrador. After this, we head to Paul’s family’s house for a traditional English lunch, which includes a pudding lit on fire and some delicious port! After opening gifts and enjoying our lunch, we then have Christmas dinner with my side of the family at my sisters house. Which, once again, includes presents and a lot of eating! To top off our Christmas night we enjoy our family tradition of snuggling up on the couch to watch The Snow Man movie together! This year will be our first Christmas in Perth in a while as we usually go away during the silly season. After the Christmas celebrations are complete, we are going to enjoy a little ‘staycation’, making a list and checking out the best of what Perth has to offer!


We will be having a small-ish Christmas this year with a few of the kids friends/housemates/partners (everyone is welcome) joining us for a not-so-small feast of ham, turkey, potato salad, pavlova, rocky road - all the classics! This time of the year is all about enjoying time with family and friends as well as a number of trips to the beach!

KATRI (left) & TANIA (right) - HR and Customer Service

As we are not having visitors from overseas this year it will be a fairly quiet Christmas at home with family for us! Leading up to Christmas we will be doing some crafts and baking with the kids and will definitely be spending some quality time at the beach soaking up this glorious summer!


This time of the year is all about spending time with my sons and as well as enjoying the excitement of glazing our first ever ham! I will also spend time helping foster dogs as the parents in the rescue I’m involved with goes away over Christmas (which I’m definitely not complaining about - I LOVE dogs!).

JON - Sales Manager

This Christmas I’m looking forward to catching up with family and friends, eating delicious food and enjoying time at the beach. We have a tradition where our family and friends drop around on Boxing Day with a plate of leftovers (usually around a tonne of ham!) and everyone tops themselves back up with cocktails while having a game of croquet and bocce. New Years Eve will be spent with a few close friends where we cook a huge dinner and do our best to stay up until midnight!

KIRSTY - Production Manager

Christmas is all about spending quality time with the kids! This year, I am looking forward to new beginnings - bring on 2019!

RACHEL - 2IC Delivery Team

Four words - sun, sand, surf & beers.


[some of our wonderful warehouse staff!]

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