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Dinner Twist is always evolving. We constantly look for ways to improve not only our product and service, but also for ways to do so in a way that is good for you, for us, for our families, and for our planet.

Instead of striving to do less bad, we strive to do good! That means incorporating sustainable practices wherever and whenever possible.

As you probably know, the eco-friendliest options are rarely the cheapest ones around — if that were the case, our world would probably look a lot different! That’s why we’ve had to increase the cost of our boxes slightly.

Read on to learn exactly why!

Not good quality, but the best!

We don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the food that we deliver to you and your family.

If it’s not sustainably produced by likeminded people who (like us) care about the future of our planet, then it’s not good enough.

We prioritise organic, WA-local, free-range and seasonal. We often choose foods labelled ‘artisan’, ‘small-batch’, and ‘made with love’. And we love supporting other small family businesses in our beautiful state!

Our fresh fruit and veg is from WA orchards whenever possible and our fish is wild caught off of the WA coast. We also provide as much free-range meat grown with regenerative practices as possible, but we’re not where we want to be yet – still, we hope to get there soon!

But alas, when supporting local and choosing high-quality and sustainably produced products, the price tag is often higher than if choosing mass-produced, generic and potentially even eco-harming ingredients.

That being said, our choices come with the added bonuses of supporting small businesses like our own and getting to enjoy the very best flavours and freshest ingredients around… And we don’t doubt one second that that’s worth the extra cost.

Green packaging

Did you know that the white box your ingredients arrive in have an average life span of at least 10 deliveries? That’s why they may look a little scuffed up — but don’t worry, they still keep your fresh food nice and cold. And once they’re too broken to use, we send them to a facility that reuses them to create new products like stationery and planters!

In addition, your box is lined with a big, green compostable bag made from veggies, and we’re currently in the process of changing our meat packaging to compostable bags. These non-plastic bags are more costly than single-use plastic bags, but we’re absolutely sure that this is the way to go.

The marketplace paper bags are made in Australia from recycled paper and come with a heftier price tag than non-recycled bags made abroad. But yet again; there’s no discussion. We’ll pay what it takes to support local, eco-friendly solutions.

Powered by the sun (and smiles)

The Dinner Twist warehouse is located in Canning Vale, WA, and is powered largely by solar panels.

In other words? We’re proud to say that the cool rooms that keep your produce nice, cold and fresh are run by the hottest thing around; the sun! It’s a clean, future-friendly source of electricity, unlike fossil fuels like coal.

However, installing solar panels was a large investment, and it will take our business many years to make up for it. Thus, this has been a factor when pricing the meal boxes for the future.

It doesn’t end there!

These are just a few ways we strive to do good and we’re just getting started!

Our company was founded to reduce food waste and grow people’s love for cooking wholesome meals at home. We work hard to spread the love of local, sustainable and quality products and suppliers.

We’re grateful that we’re in a position that allows us to make a difference, and we truly appreciate that you are part of our never-ending green journey.

Thank you!

Dinner Twist

we believe
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