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We love bowl food! Why? As we grow more and more conscious about what we eat and what goes into our meals, it can be tricky to find a balance with creative and flavourful foods that are easy to prepare. There is minimal fuss when creating a bowl of goodness plus a great way to use up leftovers! You will be quick to find out, it’s a comforting way of enjoying and appreciating each of the ingredients that are about to nourish and fuel your body. The options are endless!

If you’re not sure where to start, we have constructed an easy 5 step guide to create the perfect bowl. Don’t forget- this is just a guide! The beauty of the bowl is there are no real rules. You can customise it to your heart’s desire and bring out your creativity with flavour and texture combos!

1.	Pick your base

This could be a complex carb/starch that creates the foundation of your bowl.
You could use rice or grain, lentils or legumes. Some of our favourites are:

•	Quinoa
•	Brown/black or red rice
•	Buckwheat
•	Pearl barley
•	Puy lentils

2.	Pick your protein

The protein will help keep your tummies satisfied as well play an 
important part in the build and repair of your body’s tissues. 
There are plenty of delicious plant-based proteins that need very little preparation 
(if you don’t have any leftover).  Here are a few that we love:

•	Chickpeas (roast a big batch to keep on hand)
•	Beans (kidney or black beans are great for Mexican bowls)
•	Eggs (boiled and sliced up or even poached and runny)
•	Grilled Halloumi (pan fry with some spices)
•	Shredded chicken (great for soaking up the dressing)

3.	Pick your veggies

These can be fresh, roasted or sautéd. 
Here’s where your leftovers can really come into play. 
Whether it be some steamed broccoli from last night’s dinner or the 
other half of the avocado from breakfast.  Need inspo? Why not try:

•	Baby spinach leaves (loaded with nutrients including vitamin A, K and folate)
•	Shredded red cabbage (high antioxidant levels that may help with inflammation)
•	Roast sweet potato (supercharged with vitamins)
•	Avocado (high in good fats which can actually help lower cholesterol)
•	Herbs such as mint or coriander (for a lift of freshness and flavour)

 4. Pick your dressing

Something creamy, something zesty or something spicy. 
The dressing will marry all the ingredients together, fall down into your grain 
and boost all the flavours of the bowl. 
Here are some easy combos to keep up your sleeve. 
Whisk them together, make as little or as much as you like and 
adjust the flavours to your liking.

•	Lemon juice, tahini, garlic & olive oil
•	Peanut butter, lime juice, soy sauce (or tamari) 
•	Miso, sesame oil, ginger and rice wine vinegar
•	Wholegrain mustard, maple syrup, red wine vinegar, olive oil

A little tip - add water to thin out your dressing if you need a runnier consistency. 

5.	Pick your fun stuff

The little garnish at the end that completes the bowl and gives it a unique edge! 
A little crunchy texture or extra seasoning and flavour. 
Here are some toppings that we love to use to give a bowl its character:

•	Toasted nuts or seeds (almonds, walnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds)
•	Fried shallots (great for Asian themed bowls)
•	Sliced olives (for a salty, savoury kick)
•	Toasted coconut chips (sweet, yummy and a source of healthy fats)
•	A sprinkle of nutritional yeast (for a cheesy boost)

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