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Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to plan your meals, go to the grocery store and remember every single item on your shopping list?

This is probably one of the biggest tasks in my household for me.

My name is Annalee from Perth, WA and I'm the writer behind the blog One Lifestyle Mum. I have 2 adorable children (Tristyn 5 and Theia 2) and they can be the toughest little food critics out there when it comes to their food. Recently we tried Dinner Twist's Express box and we wanted to share 5 Reasons Why We Love Dinner Twist!

The Planning

With a full on daily life with the kids, appointments, work and keeping the house clean, I dread planning weekly meals and going to the grocery store with the kids to get the ingredients for the week ahead. More than likely I always forget something! Dinner Twist takes all the stress away. Just a few clicks on their website, I can order which box suits my family, whether that be the express box or the family box, as those better suit my family. I'm then emailed a little pantry list stating all the staples I may need for the week ahead such as oil, salt or pepper etc and voila, before you know it my box is being delivered to my door with a smile! It's like having your own personal assistant!

Local and Fresh

I'm all about supporting local farmers/business so this is very important to me. Dinner Twist thrive to get all their produce from local sources here in WA. When our Express Box was delivered there were 2 boxes (1 for the meats and 1 for the fresh vegetables and other little items such as coconut milk and rice). The fruits and vegetables were vibrant in colour and fresh as fresh could be. The products were all high quality, sourced from local businesses that I love!

Healthy Recipes

The ingredients come with recipe cards that list the ingredients set out for that meal (and state which ingredients are split among dishes to avoid wastage) along with the method to create the meal. We loved this as we were able to organise the ingredient in categories in the fridge and be well prepared for each cook. Dinner Twist have an experienced culinary team that work together to create healthy and nutritionally balance meals. This puts my mind at easy knowing my kids and myself are eating a well-balanced diet and getting the nutrients they need!

Reducing Waste and Sustainable

These recipes are well planned out by Dinner Twist as each ingredient is never left unused. For example, We received 1 red capsicum and the meal for night 1 only required 1/2 a red capsicum. Normally, the other half would go to waste and end up in the bin but with the well thought out recipes, the other half of the capsicum is utilised in the following night’s recipe. We also loved that when we opened our Express Box we noticed there was very minimal plastic packaging used. This is wonderful and is something that makes me happy knowing they are (and we are) doing everything they can to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Cooking Together

When it comes to cooking dinner, I normally cook on my own for the family. Surprisingly my partner wanted to cook with me and monkey see monkey do, my son, who is 5, also wanted to help. The recipe cards made the cooking experience super easy to follow and really fun for all!. We prepped the vegetables together, my son put the ingredients in the pot and my partner stirred. We set the table together and sat down and ate together. When I finished my food I looked up and both my kids were almost finished as well. My son was so proud of the meal he helped create and since then we now cook all meals together. Dinner Twist has also had a major impact on my sons eating habits. We no longer have any problems with his fussy eating! He loves it all!

In summary, this is why I chose Dinner Twist for my family over other competitors. Dinner Twist care about sustainability, they care about our WA farmers and they are passionate about providing easy, nutritionally balanced meals to suit every lifestyle, whether you are an individual, a family, or even if it’s just you and your partner. They cater for vegans, those who are on a different kind of health journey, or for busy families. You can upgrade meat portions, choose to receive gluten free options, opt out specific meats such as pork, fish, beef or lamb and you can add a weekly fruit box to your order to help with the snack cravings. There is really something for everyone!

- Annalee (One Lifestyle Mum)

To read more about my experience with Dinner Twist, check out my blog post on my website! https://onelifestylemum.wordpress.com/2018/11/17/dinner-with-a-twist/

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we believe
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