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This WA-made dressing features soy sauce, sesame seeds, Tasmanian kelp & desert lime.

The Asian-style dressing is crafted and perfected by GH Produce, a small business run by Glen, who creates wholesome products, right here in WA!
Featuring a savory, nutty and umami-rich flavour profile, the sauce goes well with everything from stir-fries and spring rolls to noodle dishes and salads. Plus, it's gluten-free and paleo!
If you're curious to try it out, simply add a bottle from the Dinner Twist Marketplace to your next Dinner Twist delivery to get cooking!
Here are 3 of our favourite must-try ways to use the dressing.

1: Vietnamese Pork Meatballs with Noodles

A yummy noodle dish with easy-to-make pork meatballs served with fresh, colourful veggies, crunchy peanuts, and a generous drizzle of GH Produce's Asian-style dressing. Find the recipe here!

2: Lemongrass Chicken Rice Paper Springrolls

Chicken mince is cooked in aromatic lemongrass, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce, rolled with fresh cucumber, carrot, beanshoots and mesclun leaves. Absolutely amazing with a satay peanut dipping sauce, and even better with GH Produce's Asian-style sauce! See the recipe here.

3: Chicken Poké Bowl

The poké bowl is a popular Hawaiian dish, traditionally made with salmon. This version instead features tender chicken, alongside fresh veggies and satisfying rice. In other words, the perfect match for the Asian sesame dressing! Check out the recipe here.
we believe
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