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On sunny days, we love nothing more than to head down for some quality time at the beach.

If staying for longer, it's handy to bring along a pre-cooked meal to enjoy in the sun.
However, not any meal will do! To enjoy it on the hot, sandy beach, it needs to match a few criteria;
  1. Must taste good when enjoyed cold (straight from the esky).
  2. Must be storable in a leak-proof container or bag in an esky with ice.
  3. Must be easy to eat with a fork or salty hands.
  4. Must be easy to prep ahead.
Keep reading to get some inspiration for beach-friendly lunches to bring next time you go for a swim.

Italian pasta salad

This decadent pasta salad is fantastic when eaten cold, can be stored in a large tub, and is easily enjoyed with nothing more than a fork — even if your hands are sandy! In other words, it's perfect for a trip to the coast.
It features salami, fresh mozzarella, peppery rocket salad, and a homemade butter & balsamic dressing. Find the recipe here.

Nourishing quinoa bowl

Bring this bowl along in portioned tubs, or toss together all the components for a big salad version. It's a filling yet light lunch option that will energise you in the sun.
It's made with roasted pumpkin, chickpeas, sweet mango, creamy avocado, and light, fluffy quinoa. Get the recipe here.

Reuben sandwich

You can't go wrong with a sandwich for lunch! This classic combo features rye bread, pastrami, Swiss cheese and beetroot.
The sandwich will stay nice and fresh in a leak-proof sandwich bag or tub in a cold esky — just make it no earlier than the same morning you want to bring it (making it the night before could make it a little soggy.)
Check out the recipe here.
we believe
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