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One year ago…

“A few weeks ago, we put out a call, a call to rally together and give a gift like no other this Christmas. We asked if you had any spare handbags and if so, to fill them full of toiletries and sanitary items for women and girls in need across the state. Today was a very humbling day here at Dinner Twist as two wonderful volunteers from @sharethedignityaustralia came to collect all of the handbags our amazing Dinner Twist customers had sent back with our delivery drivers over the past two weeks. In 2018, we were so excited to share we had received 41 handbags and today {2019}, as we packed the car, a few tears were shed as we counted 144 handbags had been donated. 144! We are so grateful and so honoured to have a platform to be able to share ways to support out community. We are so proud of you all, Twisters. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

2020 - it’s been a long one. It has been the hardest year of all time for some, and it’s times like these where we stop and truly reflect. How lucky are we to be in the position that we’re in? Western Australia has no doubt come out strong from such a difficult period, so there is no better time than the present to give back to Western Australia and our people.

At Dinner Twist, we believe in giving back and staying connected as the festive season soon approaches. We are so honoured to have the platform that we have, to help people give back. Every year with the help and generosity of you, our wonderful DT family, we rally together to help others - keep reading to find out how you can contribute.

SHARE THE DIGNITY: We strongly support the belief that no woman should have to choose between eating or buying sanitary items. This wonderful charity provides personal care items to some of our state’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged women.

This campaign asks people to choose a handbag they no longer use and fill it with personal care items such as shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant and sanitary items. A little note or card to the woman receiving it would make a heartfelt difference too - Last year saw all of you, our amazing Twisters, donate over 144 handbags to women in need!

FOOD DRIVE: With your help last year, we collected over one tonne of dry goods for charity! So this year we are doing it again. If you have a few (or a lot of!) dry goods still in date tucked away in your pantry, help make a difference by sending it back our way!

HOW YOU CAN HELP: For the next two weeks (the weeks of Monday 16th and 23rd November), leave your filled handbag or dry goods inside your foam esky to be collected by our delivery drivers, or with our warehouse staff when you collect your box.

You are also able to drop off goods or handbags as you pick up your weekly box or pop into our Canning Vale office up until Friday 27th November.

We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you, wonderful Twisters. Let’s stick together, WA!

we believe
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