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As we work together towards a greener world, you may be wondering; "how do I line my bin without plastic?"

When single-use plastic bags were banned around the country, many families found themselves without an obvious bin liner for their home waste. They used to get them from the shops when purchasing groceries — so what do you do when that's no longer the case?

This conundrum has forced many families to purchase bags specifically to use for waste. Oftentimes, these purchased bags are made from plastic, meaning we end up with the same issue we tried to eliminate in the first place; too many single-use plastic bags are being used.

Here at Dinner Twist, we strongly support that you say no to single-use plastics, especially if you still use them to line your bins.

We've suggested 5 simple and eco-friendly alternatives below, and we hope that one of them fits you and your family's waste habits.

Your Green Dinner Twist Liner

First and foremost, we think that the obvious solution is right in front of you; when you receive a Dinner Twist box, it is lined with a green bag.

This is no ordinary bag; it's 100% biodegradable and compostable! So even though it may look and feel like plastic, rest assured that it isn't. Thus, this is an easy and sustainable alternative to plastic bin liners.

Other Biodegradable Bags

We're thankful that the market is full of durable plastic bag alternatives that (just like our box liners) are completely biodegradable!

Stop by the Dinner Twist Marketplace to add a roll or two of eco-friendly bin liners to your next delivery — you'll find them under the 'LIVING' category.

Newspaper or catalogues

Another great and easily accessible bin-liner option is newspaper and catalogues. Unleash your inner origami-master and line your bin with paper for an eco-friendly solution.

We suggest first lining the sides, then finishing with a thicker layer on the bottom. Then, once it's time to empty the bin, simply tip the whole thing into your outdoor bin.

Get Naked

This solution may not work for all families, but it's a great option if it does. Simply use your indoor bin as-is, and empty it straight into your red-lidded outdoor bin. Then rinse with water and repeat.

We find that this option is best if you compost your food scraps, meaning that most of your general waste is dry, mixed waste. However, if you also use your general bin for food waste, this option might get a little to messy for your liking — although it's definitely still a possibility, as long as you're willing to spend a little longer time washing the bin.

Go Waste-Free

Now, this last option may be a little extreme, but it's definitely our favourite. By going waste-free, you eliminate the need to line your bin, because you won't even need a bin!

However, we realise that for most families, going completely waste-free is not a realistic solution — at least not yet in 2021. But that doesn't mean we can't work towards it!

Simple steps to take include buying your meals at low-waste meal kits such as Dinner Twist, and topping up your grocery shopping at bulk food stores that let you use paper bags or bring your own reusable containers.

You can also opt for loose produce rather than pre-packed bags, and buy meat and fish at your local butcher or fish shop, bringing your own reusable containers for your goods. This typically also means you'll get much better quality, so it's a win-win!

There you have it, 5 plastic bin liner alternatives. Which one are you going to try out first?

we believe
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