Share the Dignity first started in 2015 by a wonderful woman, Rochelle Courtenay (who was recently nominated for Queensland Australian of the Year this year) with the aim to provide disadvantaged women with sanitary items and ensuring everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted. This charity makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence. There are currently around 116,500 people homeless in Australia on any given night with 42% identifying as female. Share the Dignity collect thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every year for these women experiencing homelessness and poverty, ensuring everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted. Together, we have the power to make life better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty this christmas. How? It’s simple. Choose a handbag in good condition that you no longer use. Fill it with items that would make a woman feel special, pop in a thoughtful note or Christmas card and show her she matters, because everyone deserves to feel that way. Not sure what to give? Think of all the personal care items you make use of throughout everyday life, for example, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, deodorant and sanitary items.

Do you have a bag packed with goodies ready to go? Great work! Now, here is where we come in to play! Incase you missed the posts over our socials recently, we have some very exciting news to tell you. We are proud to announce that we are an official drop off point for Share the Dignity 2018! You can drop off your bags to our Canning Vale warehouse any time between the 16th November and 2nd December. However, if this too far out of your way, that’s okay, you can also drop off your bag to any local Bunnings Warehouse or Trade Centres between these dates also. If you're really tight for time, Chemist Warehouse is also helping out, simply visit their website and purchase a Care Bag, which they will then package and deliver directly to Share the Dignity. This will be the most meaningful and appreciated gift you give someone this year.

We strongly support the belief that no woman should have to suffer the indignity of having to choose between eating or buying sanitary items, which is why we are so passionate about supporting this great cause, as nobody should go without life’s little essentials. So let’s grab our bags and fill them with all the things a woman could need, because a small act of kindness can go a long way.

For more information, head to, check out all the amazing things this organisation does and while you’re there, have a look at other ways you can play a role in a making someone's Christmas extra special this year.

Please note: For the November 26th delivery week, you can give your bag of goodies to one of our wonderful Dinner Twist drivers when they drop off your delicious boxes and they will return your lovely donation to our warehouse, you don't even have to leave the house! AND If you choose to pick up your box at our South Fremantle warehouse you can also hand over your bag to one of our team members and they will bring it back our Canning Vale warehouse for you!

We thank you for your support and hope to see you and your bags around Dinner Twist headquarters over the next few weeks!