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In this particular meeting, we started talking about our Dreams. Our dreams for the future, dreams for each other and our dreams for our beautiful planet and all the ways we want to save her.

Most meetings take this direction at Dinner Twist - just a bunch of regular people, looking to save the planet. Sounds easy enough, right?

From there, we decided 2021 is our year to get uncomfortable. Our year to let you know we are committed to showing complete transparency & deeper education.

To put it simply - it's time to stop fu*king around.

It would be unfair to make such a bold statement without some sort of explanation (also, please excuse our French). We thought we would start with why we don't discount our boxes the same way you find other meal kit companies discounting. We want to get deeper with you here and explain why this is important to us. To some, not using discounts in our Marketing strategy may sound odd.

Trust us, we hear you.

But we also feel as though it’s time to be real with you and delve a little deeper into the reasons why we’re not wanting to be a part of the discount battle.

We believe in our product.

We hope this one speaks for itself. We invite you to pop by, chat with our family.

You won't find anyone here who isn't as passionate and honest about who we are and what we stand for. Supporting WA isn’t a trend - we want YOU to enjoy all WA has to offer because let's be honest - it doesn't get much better than our little slice of the world.

We believe real food is worth paying for.

We believe in supporting the backbone of WA. Our farmers are real people with real families and we think it's super important they are paid for their hard work and sustainable choices.

At Dinner Twist, we believe animals eating real grass, roaming the land with ample space and being treated with the utmost care and respect is worth paying for. {To put it bluntly, unless you are choosing "Grass Fed & Finished", the cows are packed together without the access to grass for the last 3 months of their life - we will be sure to expand on this topic shortly.}

We believe in choosing regenerative agriculture, as we want to help fix our environment, not bandaid the problem. We believe in choosing suppliers who are working towards creating a healthier planet, rather than destroying it.

At Dinner Twist, we have always been very understanding of the fact that we might not be for everyone, and that’s ok! We aim to create an experience for our customers that will make sense to come back, again and again… and again. And maybe again after that too.

It’s a no strings attached system - if it’s not for you, it's not. However, there are a few things that we work REALLY hard on to ensure that Dinner Twist is not only that meal kit delivery that arrives on your doorstep once a week, but is also a lifestyle, a helping hand and a choice. We want our customers to choose us based on our product, our quality and our values. Choosing Dinner Twist means you’re investing in the planet, investing in our community and investing in your health, which we believe outweighs a one-time use discount code… and we stand by that.

To be continued...

we believe
in local VIEW BOXES