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Cheats ice cream cake with home-made hazelnut brittle, perfect for mothers day!

40 MIN ~ serves 6-8


125g roasted hazelnuts 
100g sugar, of choice {We used coconut sugar}
Pinch of sea salt flakes {Murray river of course! Get your hands on some from our Marketplace here!}

1 kg vanilla ice-cream of choice
{We used 2 x 500g tubs of ‘Over the Moo’ coconut ice-cream}

Fresh fruit or berries for decorations {We used fresh figs and blueberries}
This recipe is Gluten-free and can be made Dairy-free and Vegan depending on which ice-cream you choose!


1. Take the ice-cream out of the freezer to soften (not to fully melt!) while preparing the hazelnut crumb.
2. Crush or chop hazelnuts quite finely. 
3. Melt sugar in a small frypan over medium heat. Once melted, add in crushed hazelnuts and 
combine well (work quickly). 
Transfer to a lined plate and place in the freezer to set and cool for 10 minutes.
4. Line a shallow bowl or smaller cake tin with baking paper (see tip below).
5. Use a processor to blitz the hazelnut brittle into a coarse crumb.
6. Sprinkle half of the hazelnut crumb into the lined cake tin (or bowl). 
Scoop in half of the ice-cream and even out as much as possible. 
Add remaining hazelnut crumb (save a little for decoration if desired) and scoop in remaining ice-cream. 
Place in the freezer for a couple of hours (or over night) to re-set. 
7. Remove the cake from the freezer and turn upside down onto a serving plate. 
Remove baking paper and decorate with chosen fruit/berries and any remaining hazelnut crumb. 

we believe
in local VIEW BOXES