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The school holidays are upon us which means two weeks of the children running around the house shouting “I’m borrrred!”. It’s a time that requires parents to be very resourceful in the hopes of keeping the kids occupied and themselves sane! However, I think in order to keep yourselves sane, let’s look at the silver lining! School holidays gives you a break from routine and all the non stop lunch box packing. It’s a chance to spend some quality time with the kids and unwind (well, at least try to).

We’ve pulled together a few little ideas that may help you make the most of the upcoming school holidays.

Millpoint Caffe Bookshop - South Perth. Is it a bookshop in a cafe, or a cafe in a bookshop? Regardless, this was one of my favourite places to visit when I was younger. Combining two favourite past times, reading and eating, you can’t go wrong! Sift through the huge range of books available, pick a winner, then sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, a fresh juice or a delicious meal and get lost in your book. The kids will love it!

KidzaBuzz - School holidays can be an expensive time for parents. Our friends at KidzaBuzz know this all too well and have designed the perfect app that will have school holidays sorted without breaking the bank. With access to over 500 discounts, across 11 sections, with a savings of well over $8,000, this app will help you tackle the Empty Wallet Syndrome these holidays! You can even get a cheeky DT discount. Visit https://kidzabuzz.com.au/ for more info!

Urban List- Urban List is a go-to for basically anything and everything in Perth and when it comes to keeping the children entertained during school holidays there are no shortage of ideas on Urban List! From flying trapeze to secret gardens, they’ve got you sorted! Visit https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/things-to-do-in-perth-with-kids for all the deets!

Do mum or dad need a caffeine hit before facing the day of activities ahead? Why not visit our friends at Grouch & Co in Myaree and grab the kids a babyccino or hot chocolate while you get your coffee fix. Their coffee is all about quality not quantity and we’ll vouch for that! Our DT team should look like Grouch & Co coffee beans by now, we drink that much of it! Visit https://grouchandco.com/ for all the coffee goodness!

If tackling holidays involves downtime in the comfort of your own home then there are plenty of ways to keep the kids occupied whilst continuing to learn new skills, because being on holidays is no excuse to stop learning! Simply hit the back button on your computer to browse all of our Tip of the Week ideas. Here you will find all sorts of handy recipes that the kids can get involved in (not to mention delicious to eat!)

While we are on the topic of getting the kids involved, school holidays can be a great time to get everyone playing a part in creating tonight's Dinner Twist meal! Whether it be chopping, stirring, or ticking off the ingredients list, there’s a job for all. Not only does this help the children learn basic skills in the kitchen, but also helps them feel a sense of accomplishment which will have them enjoying their dinner even more so!

We know that not everyone has the luxury of having time off during school holidays to spend with the children, but regardless of your busy life schedule, we are always here to take the stress away from cooking, giving you more opportunities to spend quality time with the kids.

Now go and enjoy your time with your little munchkins!

we believe
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