If you’ve happened to get bacon in your Wholesome box you may have noticed it looking a little less pink than what you may be used to and we are well aware of this! But there is no need to fret, as it is still as perfectly safe to eat as your usual blushing bacon. Why? You ask! Because it’s nitrate free! Why does this matter? Let us explain!

Firstly, let’s get to know Mr Nitrate. He is an inorganic compound made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Combining these two elements with other elements such as sodium (salt) and potassium and you’ve got yourself nitrate or potassium nitrate. Nitrates have been used as preservatives and colour fixatives (hence the usual pretty pink colour) in cured meats and some cheeses for many years. Adding nitrates also helps improve the shelf life of these foods.

The reason why you will find nitrate-free bacon in your Wholesome Box is simple. This box represents all things wholesome (does the name give it away?). It is nutrient dense, packed with wholefoods, naturally gluten free and perfect for those on a different kind of nutrition journey, therefore, it makes sense why it belongs in this box, right!?

Where do we source this nitrate free goodness?

We have teamed up with the wonderful people at the Naked Butcher. Based in Mundaring, the Naked Butcher offer local, organic and Free range beef, lamb, pork and chicken. They are passionate about the ethical, humane treatment of the animals they source and support local businesses who share the same philosophy. Their nitrate-free range contains no preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers, gluten products or sugar, can I get a “heck yeah!?” Just like many other local businesses we choose to team up with, the Naked Butcher not only offers us amazing produce to share with our DT customers but also share similar core values to ours which is something very important to us.

So the next time you receive bacon in your Wholesome Box you can now look at your sightly less pink bacon and think “you are beautiful, my little nitrate free friend” and enjoy every single mouthful!