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Imagine growing up in a household where everything was cooked from scratch, simple but with love. Every meal was also a lesson in nutrition, health and how food makes us feel and function.

My unstoppable mother always questioned the status quo when it came to health and food, often to my sheer disgust, leaving me constantly asking my sisters ‘why can’t we have a microwave?’ or ‘why do we eat so much spinach?’ I was often the weird kid at school who took sushi for lunch, long before it was popular, or could cite the relative health benefits of eating free-range protein, my poor friends! You are what you eat; it’s a cliché for a reason. 

Unfortunately, I hate to admit it, my mother was right! It was bound to happen eventually but I hear her nutrition facts resounding from my mouth far too often! This forced me to go on to do extensive study in nutrition and to understand how the body regenerates, heals and changes from what goes in our mouths. Your meals have the potential to not only change your mood but also build your ever-changing body! Have you ever noticed that if you eat a watermelon it doesn’t come out that same way (phew)…! Instead it becomes your new fingernails, hair follicles, stomach lining, hormones, and brain cells etc, all made from the foods we eat. Food is Medicine.

I certainly inherited my Mum’s passion for food but not her cooking skills! The best thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen is a mess and I honestly used to use my oven to store valuables! I love that Dinner Twist not only fools my partner into thinking that I can whip together restaurant quality meals in a flash but it also pacifies the resounding voice of my mother ensuring I have excellent nutrition! When making food choices my highest priorities are:

-Fresh produce

-Seasonal produce

-Locally sourced

-Ethically raised animals without added hormones and antibiotics

I’m grateful that Dinner Twist ticks these boxes for me and takes the agony out of dinner decision-making!

I’m Dr Andrea Huddleston, Integrative Chiropractor with a special interest in women's health and natural fertility practicing in Fremantle. I’m co-founder of The Wellness Women and Wellness Women Radio, an award winning, top-rated women’s health podcast. I’m also an avid beach goer, puppy enthusiast, coffee lover and self-proclaimed foodie (that can’t cook!). I’m going to be sharing regular information with the Dinner Twist tribe about how food is your medicine and give you answers about pressing nutrition woes. Stay tuned!

we believe
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