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Okay, okay, I already know what you’re thinking just from seeing the title - “Here we go again, another bunch of recipes claiming to take 20 minutes when in reality they’ll take me 45 and I’ll need four food processors, three sets of hands and I’ll have to wear my joggers to ensure I can move around the kitchen at a rapid speed”

Well, today is the day we prove to you that there is such thing as a 20-minute meal that is still tasty, nutritious, has minimal cleanup AND no specific clothing needed!

Busy, time-poor people of Perth, meet Express Box, your new best friend. A box containing all things convenient, helping you whip up three delicious crowd pleasers in no longer than 20 minutes! Same quality ingredients from only our favourite local businesses but with less prep, less pots and pans and less mess. Win, win, win!

Not only is the Express Box all of the above, it is also fabulous for those who are not quite sure about how a Dinner Twist box will work in their family. Are you a little nervous about giving us a go? You’re only human! Just like a glass of wine or a green tea (it’s all about balance), this box is perfect to help calm those nerves. It is the perfect introduction into the wonderful world of DT and what we can bring to the table (literally).

Are the children hanging off your limbs shouting “I’m hungry, when’s dinner!?” We know the feeling. This is where our Express Box comes in. A box to get the children helping mum and dad in the kitchen and learning the basics. You’ll have them cooking YOU dinner in no time.

So, what exactly does the Express Box have that is so “time-saving”. We’ve created your family faves with a slight twist. You’re still getting all the meals you and your family are familiar with and love so dearly, but we’ve done half of the work for you! Our Family and Wholesome boxes are appreciated by those who enjoy making their own sauces, rolling their own balls and blitzing their own crumbs, however, we understand that not everyone has the time to do that. In this box we’ve got the sauces sorted, we’ve done some of the chopping for you and we’ve rolled those balls! It’s all about creating sneaky, effective shortcuts without losing quality or flavour!

The beauty of this box is knowing you’ll be bringing the family together every week with three well balanced, delicious dinner winners on the table, adding smiles to faces - in just 20 minutes!

Now, I know you’re already dying to get out of this blog and grab yourself a box, but before you go we just wanted to let you know one final thing…

For a limited time only, the Express Box is available for just $85! Usually priced at $119, we wanted to do something a little special for our busy bee’s out there and if you’re new to this all, we just want to give you a nice warm welcome into the Dinner Twist family! It’s the least we can do!

we believe
in local VIEW BOXES