While most people are tucked up in their toasty warm beds catching z’s, Gaz, aka Dinner Twist Fresh Food Ninja, Gazman, Gorgeous Gaz (we love a good nickname) is busy running a muck, sifting through all the fresh goodness at the markets and hand picking only the BEST produce. He know's everything there is to know, from what is in season to who is the best supplier, you name it, he has the answers! Can we use Brussels sprouts this week? What seasonal fruit and veg is available for use? Is asparagus good quality at the moment? No question is too big for this fresh food wizard.

Ironically, the story of how Gaz began working with Dinner Twist all started with a head of broccoli (and a Santa’s costume…). His daughter came home from daycare one day with some broccoli and being the fresh food market connoisseur that he is, Gaz was interested in how his daughter managed to get her hands on some veg through daycare. Fast forward a little, Gaz volunteered to be Santa for Christmas at the daycare, where he then met Chris and My (Dinner Twist Directors) and finally got to the bottom of the mystery broccoli! Long story short, they got chatting about their professions and realised they were a perfect fit! Chris and My wanted Gary! Quick smart! From here, the rest is history really. Gaz joined the family and became the one and only, Dinner Twist Fresh Food Ninja.

This week, it was my turn to wake up before the sun and join Gaz on his morning adventures and I must say it was definitely worth the early rise. Not only is it beautiful and crisp that time of the morning, but experiencing the big wide world of fresh produce was so fun!

I threw on my oh so trendy hi-vis and off we went. I was blown away with how big this place is. To help you get an idea, it was like stepping into a Star Wars movie. There were hundreds of little forklifts (minus the wheels and you’ve got tiny hovercrafts - use your imagination here okay!) zipping through all the little lanes picking up crates of produce left right and centre.

Within the market there are roughly 25 different floors (aka stalls - not storeys high!) filled with the most delicious fruit, vegetables, and herbs from local WA farmers. We walked around to all the floors and I was able to meet all the growers working day-in day-out to offer us premium products to fill the hungry tummies of our Dinner Twist family. Gaz looks high and low, sorting through all the fresh produce to find us the cream of the crop of suppliers. He doesn’t settle and that’s why we love him! All orders are placed Thursday mornings, bright and early! The growers pick and pack over the weekend and deliver direct to our warehouse Monday morning ready for their new homes. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Everyone was so friendly, like one big happy family, you could really feel the love and the pride they take in their produce. It was so nice seeing the friendships Gaz has built with everyone over the years and how the companies have grown to understand what we, as a company, are all about. They know exactly what we want and they look out for us! If there are some good lookin’ apples coming in, they know to keep some aside for us to deliver to our fruit add-on customers, and if there are some fancy new products they know we’d love to try, they’ll be the first to let Gaz know. They’ve got our back and we can’t thank our wonderful Fresh Food Ninja enough for building such wonderful relationships on behalf of Dinner Twist.