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Perhaps you've noticed that Dinner Twist recipes rarely instruct you to peel fresh fruits or veggies. Don't worry, this has its reasons — and it's not that we're lazy.

Leaving the skin on fresh produce has an abundance of perks, including added health benefits, extra texture, and enticing colour.
Read on to learn some of the a-peeling reasons why we prefer to keep the skin on ingredients like apples, pumpkin, spuds, and more!

1: Creates Less Food Waste

Considering that the peel from many fruits and veggies is perfectly edible, discarding it creates unnecessary food waste. Why throw something in the bin that's both tasty and good for you?
Do you usually peel potatoes and sweet potatoes before cooking? If so, give this delicious meal a try: loaded un-peeled sweet potato nachos. By roasting the spuds, the skin becomes nice and tender (even crispy), which perfectly complements the dish.

2: Packed with Fibre

The skin on anything from cucumbers, pears and potatoes, to kiwis, nectarines and pumpkin is packed with fibre.
Fibre has so many health benefits. It improves your gut health and helps you stay regular, increases feelings of fullness to keep you from excessive snacking, helps control blood sugar levels, and can even improve heart health.
Try adding un-peeled veggies like cucumbers, carrots and radishes to these customisable lemongrass, veggie and satay rice paper rolls.

3: Adds a Pop of Colour

When you remove the peel from produce like cucumbers or apples, you're left with an almost white piece of food — which definitely won't make your salads pop and look as appetising as possible!
For a wholesome, colourful meal, try this walnut, pumpkin, apple and grain salad. We've left the skin on both the apples and roasted pumpkin, and we bet you'll love it!

4: Abundant in Vitamins & Minerals

Depending on the food, the skin is rich in different vitamins and minerals.
For example, an unpeeled apple has over 300% more vitamin C and 100% more vitamin K than a peeled apple! Meanwhile, an unpeeled cooked potato has over 100% more of both vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and folate compared with a peeled one.
Plus, the skin of produce is typically ripe (no pun intended) with antioxidants. These plant compounds help fight harmful oxidation in your cells to help keep your body healthy.
For a warming a-peeling dish, try this lamb and un-peeled eggplant moussaka.
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