Get rewarded

It’s finally here: $20 for you and 20% for your friend

The Dinner Twist rewards program makes it fun and financial to share the Dinner Twist experience. If you are a subscriber, just share your phone number with a friend, relative or colleague who has not used our service before. They then simply enter your phone number (the one on your Dinner Twist profile) as a discount code on check out and get 20% off their first box.

The person who shared their phone number is rewarded with $20 to claim off the price off an upcoming box. Just log in to your account and see the rewards accumulate under the “Rewards” section. When you are ready to reduce your price, just hit the claim button and enjoy even better value dinners!

Please see our terms and conditions for full terms of this service.
To qualify for rewards, the referred person must successfully subscribe and pay for their first Dinner Twist box.