Meet our suppliers

Great food starts with great produce!

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At Dinner Twist, we pride ourselves on the quality of our produce. This high quality is achieved as a result of our passionate suppliers. We only work with businesses who appreciate the importance of conscious sourcing and humane treatment of animals. All our chicken, eggs and beef are free range and our pork is Linley Valley sow stall free pork. Dinner Twist has taken the pledge against factory farming and we continuously strive to push ourselves and our suppliers to contribute to better conditions for all livestock and poultry. Two of our longest standing and most valued suppliers are
Abhi’s Bread and Clara’s Wholefoods whom you can meet at the
Fremantle Markets every weekend.

Five questioIMG_9210ns for Clara at Clara’s wholefoods.

Clara has been supplying Dinner Twist customers with neat little packs of healthy goodness for years! We love the top quality of her produce and her true passion and ever friendly attitude has made her a very appreciated part of the Dinner Twist box!

Q: How long have you had Clara’s wholefoods?

A: I have had Clara’s wholefoods for 5 years now and my interest in good wholesome food was  one my reasons as well as seeing a growing demand in the market.

Q: Where do you source most of your products?

A: As many as possible are sourced locally and others are from overseas, from many different countries.

Q: Many are soaking and sprouting sees and nuts – is this a good idea?

A: Yes it’s a very good thing to do as it releases enzymes, makes them easier to digest and have greater nutrient value!

Q: What’s your most popular product?

A: Hard to say but quinoa and almonds are up there.

Q: What’s trending in health foods?

A: Definitely raw food and the use of Paleo foods has taken on by demand.