Spiced Beef Burgers with chopped salad & raita

20 Min
very easy
4 People
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Summer BBQ beef burgers spiced with cumin, paired with a fresh chopped salad and garlic cucumber raita.
1. Heat frypan over medium-high heat with 1 tbsp oil. Combine beef mince with 1 tbsp cumin, salt and pepper. Shape into 4 even size patties. Cook for 4-5 minutes each side until cooked through.

2. Grate cucumber and crush garlic. Combine with yoghurt and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

3. Chop tomatoes, capsicums and apples. Pick and roughly chop mint leaves. Toss all together with sprouts, 1 tbsp vinegar and 2 tbsp olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Serve burgers with chopped salad and dollop of raita.
Beef Mince 600g
Continental Cucumber 1/2 *
Natural Yoghurt 1 Tub (200g)
Tomatoes 3
Green Capsicums 2
Red Apples 2
Mint 1 Packet
Alfalfa Sprouts 1/2 Punnet *

* Ingredient Also Used In Another Recipe

From your pantry:
oil (for cooking + olive), salt, pepper, ground cumin, white wine vinegar, garlic (1 clove)