Sausage sizzle

25 Min
very easy
4 People
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Beef herb & garlic sausages in rolls with ROZA’S tomato chutney, fresh salad vegetables and caramelised onions. All-around winner!
1. Combine 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 tbsp sugar, salt and pepper in a small saucepan. Heat, stirring, until sugar has dissolved. Slice beetroot and place in a bowl, tip over vinegar and set aside (see notes).

2. Heat a frypan with oil and butter (roughly 1 tbsp of each) over medium heat. Slice and add onion and cook for 10 minutes or until caramelised. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Toss coleslaw mix with 2 tbsp mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Slice tomatoes and bread rolls. Place all at the table.

4. Once onion is caramelised, transfer to a bowl. Add sausages to pan (see notes) and cook for 8-10 minutes, turning, or until cooked through.

5. Drain beetroot.
Serve sausages with all the salad ingredients, onions and relish (or other favourite sauces!) in rolls (see notes).
Pre-cooked beetroot 1 packet
Brown onion 1
Coleslaw mix 1/2 bag (200g) *
Tomatoes 2
Bread rolls 6-pack
Garlic & herb beef sausages 6-pack
Relish 1 tub (75g)

* Ingredient also used in another recipe

From your pantry:
oil + butter (for cooking), salt, pepper, sugar (brown or other), mayonnaise, white wine vinegar

Use a glass or ceramic bowl for the beetroot. Add some chilli flakes for a little spice.
Sausages are perfect for the barbecue.
Once assembled, halve the sausages for easy eating.
No beef option - beef sausages are replaced with chicken sausages.
Gluten friendly option - rolls are replaced with GF rolls