San Choy Bau

20 Min
very easy
4 People
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Quick, easy and flavoursome pork mince served in lettuce leaves makes a fun share-style dinner!
1. Separate the lettuce leaves. Rinse well. Place in a bowl with cold water and set aside until serving.

2. Grate ginger and slice spring onions. Chop capsicum, shred bok choy and remove corn kernels from cob.

3. Heat a large frypan with 1 tbsp sesame oil over medium-high heat. Cook mince for 5-6 minutes, breaking up any lumps with a wooden spoon. Add crushed garlic.

4. Add ginger, prepared vegetables and half the bean shoots (optional). Cook briefly, add in 2 tbsp soy sauce and 2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce. Cook for further 2-3 minutes, remove from heat.

5. Spoon pork mince into lettuce leaves. Top with remaining bean shoots and serve with extra soy and sweet chilli sauce if desired.
Baby Cos Lettuce 2-Pack
Ginger 40g
Spring Onions 3/4 Bunch *
Red Capsicum 1
Bok Choy 1/2 Bunch *
Corn Cob 1
Pork Mince 600g
Garlic 2 Cloves
Bean Shoots 1 Bag (250g)

* Ingredient Also Used In Another Recipe

From your pantry:
sesame oil, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce