Ratatouille fish on soft polenta

30 Min
pretty easy
4 People
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Pan-fried fresh fish fillets and quick ratatouille served over soft creamy polenta with a dressed side salad of sunflower sprouts, olives and cucumber.

No fish option - replacement is chicken schnitzels.
1. Roughly chop onion and sauté for 3 minutes in a heated frypan with 1 tbsp oil. Chop and add capsicum and zucchini (see notes). Season with salt and pepper, cook for 5 minutes.

2. Add crushed garlic, 1 tsp oregano, crushed tomatoes and 1/2 tin water. Simmer, uncovered, for 10 minutes.

3. Dice cucumber and toss with olives and sprouts. Dress with 1 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 tbsp vinegar. Bring 1L water to the boil in a saucepan, add 2 tsp oregano (see notes).

4. Heat a large frypan over medium heat. Brush fish with oil then cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Slowly pour polenta into the boiling water, stirring. Cook over medium heat for 3 minutes, or until thickened. Add 2-3 tbsp butter, stir well to combine. Season well to taste with salt and pepper.

6. Divide soft polenta between plates, top with ratatouille sauce and fish fillets. Serve with sprout salad.

Grate zucchini if preferred for the kids.

Add olives to ratatouille if you like!

Add a stock cube to the boiling water or stir in some cheese when making the polenta for more flavour.

No fish option - replacement is chicken schnitzels.

Increase cooking time to 4-5 minutes on each side, or until cooked through.
red onion 1
yellow capsicum 1
zucchini 1
garlic 2 cloves
crushed tomatoes 400g
continental cucumber 1/2
green olives (pitted) 1/2 jar
sunflower sprouts 1 punnet
white fish fillets 2 packets
polenta (instant) 1/2 packet (250g)

From your pantry:
oil + olive oil, vinegar (of choice), butter, salt, pepper, dried oregano