Quick goulash stew with dinner rolls & French onion spread

20 Min
very easy
4 People
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Speedy goulash style stew using pork mince served with a side of seeded dinner rolls and a homemade French onion spread.

No pork option - replacement is beef mince.
1. Set the oven to 200ºC and boil the kettle.
Slice capsicum and toss with oil in a lined oven dish (optional, see notes). Roast in the oven for 15 minutes.

2. Heat a large pan with oil over medium-high heat. Add mince to cook, breaking up lumps. Chop and add onion, spring onions (keep green tops) and add 2 crushed garlic cloves. Stir in tomato paste, 1 tbsp paprika and 2 tsp cumin.

3. Sprinkle spiced mince with 1 tbsp flour. Stir then add 1L hot water (from the kettle) and 1 stock cube. Grate parsnip and carrot (see notes), add to pan and simmer for 5 minutes (covered).

4. Thinly slice or chop (roughly) 2-3 tbsp reserved spring onion tops. Mix with sour cream and 1/4 tsp cumin, salt and pepper. 

Place the dinner rolls in the oven to warm (optional).

5. Add roasted capsicum, crunchy sprouts and 1 tbsp vinegar to the soup, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

6. Serve stew in bowls with dinner rolls and French onion spread. Top with alfalfa sprouts.

Add capsicum straight to the stew if preferred.

Slice carrot and parsnip into rounds if preferred, you may have to increase the cooking time.

Use any leftover spring onion tops as a garnish on the stew.

No pork option - replacement is beef mince.
Yellow capsicum 1
Pork mince 600g
Brown onion 1
Spring onions 1/2 bunch
Tomato paste 1 tub (140g)
Parsnip 1
carrot 1
Sour cream 1/2 tub
Seeded Dinner rolls 6-pack
crunchy + alfalfa sprouts (from trio) 2/3 punnet

From your pantry:
oil (for cooking), salt, pepper, garlic (2 cloves), ground paprika + cumin, flour (plain or other), stock cube (of choice), red wine vinegar