On Facebook, our customers have kindly rated us 4.8 stars from 149 reviews. Here is a sample of what has been said about the Dinner Twist experience.

Troye Turner — 5 stars (August 2016)

Thanks dinner twist. We’re three weeks in now and we have enjoyed every meal thus far. Its got me cooking great meals with ease by following the instructions with no waste of produce etc. Thanks from the bottom of my belly!

Sharon Mannino — 5 stars (July 2016)

1 Star – for getting me into the kitchen
2 Stars – for getting me to cook
3 Stars – for taking away the stress related to Stars 1 & 2 above
4 Stars – surprising myself be preparing yummy meals
5 Stars – being able to still do the things I want and not have to waste time preparing for the next meal.

The cuts of meat, fish, chicken are top notch; interesting menus and really healthy – so thanks to my sister-in-law for introducing Dinner Twist to me. I keep telling everyone about you…so good luck with the business.

Kristy Quigley — 5 stars (March 2016)

AMAZING!!! I could go on all day about how much I LOVE Dinner Twist. We have been getting Dinner Twist delivered for a couple of months and we are seriously blown away by the quality of the ingredients and the flavors in each and every meal.
I have just written a post on my page telling all my friends how amazing the meals are.
Dinner Twist has changed the way we eat and with 2 little kids it makes my life so much easier and they love the meals too!

Nicole Wilkerson — 5 stars (March 2016)

Our first week and so impressed. All of the produce is fresh and yummy! The meals are healthy and filling. Portion sizes are incredible! And my two picky eaters (one being my husband) have eaten and enjoyed every meal! The recipes are easy to follow and there is no left over ingredients to worry about using. So happy I found you! This crazy busy mumma can’t thank you enough!

Candi Day — 5 stars (February 2016)

Ok! So….essentially I had ‘chicken and Greek salad’ tonight…. and OMG when I do this it never tastes as amazing as this did…. chicken Maryland….simple herbs (different than I usually use) and a twist on the Greek (barley and herbs) …
Thank you!

Shelley Finn-Kilian — 5 stars (February 2016)

Got our first box this week and we are so far very impressed. The food arrived nicely packed in ice etc. The produce is lovely and fresh. The two meals so far were easy to cook, healthy and delicious. Takes the tedium out of the daily chore of ‘what to cook’. I’m cooking and eating foods I might not normally and it’s a welcome change. Already looking forward to next week’s order.

Yeran Kershaw — 4 stars (January 2016)

Generally the produce is of a very good quality. We are finding the portions generous (4 days of meals last us 7) and love the smart waste reducing menus. This has cut around 30% off our usual weekly shopping bill and we are eating far healthier for it. Always left feeling like we’ve had a well balanced yummy meal! Have even picked up a few recipes that I will continue to cook regularly because they are that good! Highly recommend.

Deb Pearcey — 5 stars (December 2015)

I barely cooked for a year because I was so uninspired by the drudgery and never organised enough to shop for the right ingredients. And then someone I knew referred Dinner Twist. I think it’s been around 9 months, and there hasn’t been a single repeat. I absolutely love cooking now and am even finding I’m getting closer to meeting the target times (used to take me half as long again!). I will never look back again!

Lana Pratt — 5 stars (November 2015)

I’ve been with dinner twist for almost a year now and it’s been a game changer for me! I’m a busy mum of two young children & self employed with two small businesses so the convenience of dinner twist meal planning and food delivery has removed a huge weekly task for me and saves me so much precious time in my week! I’m not only eating and feeding my young family healthy balanced food, but a varied and exciting menu! My husband loves it too – as it makes it possible for him to jump in and cook up a recipe easily when I’m out working! Dinner twist is honestly one of my most valued tools to managing a busy life and workload. Can’t thank you enough!

Melanie Nunn — 5 stars (September 2015)

Into our second month of the family box. As a working mother it’s so nice to not have to think about dinners. The meals are healthy, use great produce, creative and best of all easy to make. We now have meals together, something I am so happy about. Real meals for real families!!! Love your work xx

Peta-Ann Fox — 5 stars (September 2015)

I am up to my third box with dinner twist (foodie box) and have been very happy all round. If there are any issues, dinner twist is quick to fix it. That said, the quality of the produce is better than what I have seen at the supermarkets. The actual portions for me and my partner gives one of us lunch leftovers (we are small eaters). The idea of not having to think about what you are going to cook is a plus!! Finally, we have had meals and used ingredients that I wouldn’t have purchased or tried – so D/T has opened our minds too!! Well done!

Kate Dee — 5 stars (September 2015)

Love it. Takes hassle out of what to cook for dinner! Less temptation to get takeaway! Get it NOW everyone – I should have started earlier!!! *kicks self *

the best part is my son (14) is the PICKIEST & FUSSIEST eater. Like OMG. HE ATE THE LOT and professed it is his new favourite dish. Thank u,thank u!


- Dale, Aubin Grove

Dinner twist is amazing and there is never any complaints! Love Love Love!

- Rebecca, Perth

So happy with our Dinner Twist! Easy tasty meals that save us so much time & money. Highly recommend this awesome company. Thanks so much.x

- Kellie, Palmyra

First week in and not a scrap left on anyones plate in the house. What a hit!! Highly recommended the dinners are easy to prepare and cook and taste amazing!

- Tracy, Mount Lawley