We would like to take this opportunity to welcome those new to the family and a massive hello to those who have always been a part of us - and extend our heartfelt thank you for trusting and turning to us in this uncertain climate.

At Dinner Twist we have always led with our hearts, our team is made up of real people who live and breathe what we stand for and we are all so proud to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Are you re-using boxes?

Any boxes which are being returned to us are effectively going to be quarantined for a period of 5-7 days before they are used again. Moving forward, no boxes will be re-used within the same week and when they are ready to go back into circulation anyone who touches them will be wearing gloves as per our internal protocol re COVID-19.

What if I am self-isolating?

If for any reason you are in self-isolation, please update your profile delivery notes or get in touch with our customer happiness team. This is simply in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible and to make our friendly drivers aware.

What is your policy when delivering?

We maintain our "No-knock" policy and your friendly Dinner Twist Driver will leave your box at your door (or designated area) but will not knock. Our drivers must avoid all face-to-face interaction at your door. You will be sent a confirmation SMS once your box has been delivered so you know it has arrived safely!

Are delivery times affected?

You will continue to receive your delivery window via SMS on the Saturday prior to your delivery, and our friendly drivers will work hard to meet deadlines as best we can. We will strive to have all boxes delivered by dinner time and ask for your patience and understanding during these extremely busy times.

Our Fremantle and Canning Vale pickup locations have a new pickup time starting 2:30 pm.

We do ask you to no longer return any plastics to us - this is simply to limit the number of materials our staff need to handle, we will have our recycling back up as soon as possible.

Are delivery days affected?

As we are rapidly building the business to match demand, we have had to ask for some lenience by some areas in changing delivery days. This has affected new and longstanding customers alike and is simply based on geography and accessibility by the vans – vans which we don’t have enough of currently.

We genuinely want to help every single person who reaches out to us for food. We do not want to turn anyone away as we can’t tell healthy from compromised, young from old or isolated from free to roam. We do know from the daily stream of feedback that we are providing some comfort and relief to people during these tough times. From hard-working health professionals not having time to shop to parents, to the elderly and to terminally ill who can’t get to the shops for various reasons.

If your delivery day is affected you will receive an SMS stating the new day and time.

Thank you so much for your understanding and grace during this time. We promise it’s not forever.

We have also extended our customer service hours to accommodate these changes.

What are the Dinner Twist internal protocols for COVID-19?

All preventative measures are in place across Dinner Twist - stringent food safety standards are maintained at all times, including handwashing, hand sanitisation, gloves, hairnets and beard covers. We have added the below to our ongoing efforts;

  • Extra daily cleaning employed with particular focus on surfaces, door handles and all workstations.
  • Increased daily cleaning of our packing and production room and facilities, Including frequent wipe downs and sterilisation of food handling areas.
  • All meetings are now cancelled to minimise visitors on site.
  • Control measures in place to monitor all staff, their health and safety, for early detection and isolation should a team member become sick.
  • Implementation of 1.5m distance between packers on the production lines, plus ensuring all meal breaks and staff meetings are now taken outdoors to maintain social distancing
  • All our suppliers adhere to the Food Safety Act and are in regular contact with Dinner Twist to update us of any changes as they develop.

Will you be able to provide an ongoing service?

As we are providing fresh food deliveries we believe we will continue to be deemed as an essential service. We have no plans to ever suspend deliveries and we understand that the nature of our business means we have a duty of care to the people of WA.

Although nothing is guaranteed, please know we will continue providing fresh WA produce and Marketplace goodies to your doors for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.